Empower the True You through the Universal Kabbalah

with Kabbalists and International Instructors for the Modern Mystery School

Would you like to...

  • Learn what it means to be personally empowered, minute-by-minute in your life, and what is possible when you live that way
  • Accelerate your evolution and accomplish your goals faster
  • Increase your brain capacity to be more productive in all areas of your life
  • Rise above ordinary life to experience the extraordinary
  • Access your whole-brain, to heighten your intuition and unleash your creativity
  • Create a lifestyle that supports your growth and the realization of your full potential
  • Clear your sub-conscious conditioning, and break free from old patterns that hold you back
  • Discover your true power and innate gifts to go forward confidently in life and fulfill your purpose
  • Harness the forces within you to get the results you desire and deserve
  • Learn powerful techniques that create true and lasting change in your life

While these claims may seem extravagant, all this and more can be accessed by studying and practicing the Universal Kabbalah, an ancient tradition kept secret for thousands of years.  Once reserved for the select few and privileged, it is finally available to you. Universal Kabbalah, as taught through the ancient mystery school tradition in the lineage of King Salomon the Wise, has resurfaced at this time to arm us with the tools and understanding needed to accomplish vital transformation, both inwardly and outwardly. These teachings have been brought to us today through the Modern Mystery School, one of seven authentic mystery school lineages on the planet, made open to the public by Founder and lineage holder, Gudni Gudnason.


This program of study in Universal Kabbalah gives you the universal patterns and templates, in a non-dogmatic way, on how to live a successful and extraordinary life. It will transform your life and the way you think, helping you become more physically, spiritually, and financially effective in these times of change.





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